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The LOVE IS RAD Scholarship 

Welcome to the LOVE IS RAD Scholarship Program.  From this page you can donate, sponsor or apply for a scholarship.


What is the LOVE IS RAD Scholarship program?

The LOVE IS RAD Scholarship Program is all about allowing girls the ability to have access to the LOVE IS RAD Camps & Workshops.  These camps and workshops are an important part of any young girls journey to return home to herself through Self Love, Self Care and Empowerment.

The LOVE IS RAD Scholarship Program was created to fundraise money for those girls who otherwise would not have the ability to partake.  Tiana Baumsteiger, Founder, Creator and Facilitator of LOVE IS RAD, has donated time, money and energy to help these girls who are in need.  She is now opening herself up and asking for help.

A donation can be made in any amount, a donor can become a sponsor for a girl in need, or you can simply make a purchase of a LOVE IS RAD piece of apparel where 11% of the total will be donated into the LOVE IS RAD Scholarship Program.

Thank you for being present for these girls as they take an important step back home to themselves.

How can I become a donor or sponsor?

First let's begin with what is the difference between a donor and a sponsor?

A donor is a person who would like to donate any amount to the scholarship program.  This money will be used directly towards a girls tuition for her camp or workshop.  Any and all amounts are welcome.

A sponsor is a person who would like to donate a FULL TUITION amount for a girl who is in need that would normally not be able to afford the program.

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