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A safe space for young girls and teen ladies to connect with their sense of self, through the power of love.
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Why THIS Program?

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How would you feel if your daughter had all the tools needed to be fully confident and LOVE herself?

If your answer is...

"it would feel amazing!", then you're in the right place.

Welcome to

I'm really happy you're here!
What is LOVE IS RAD?

LOVE IS RAD is a young girls (age 8-13) and teen ladies (age 13-18), four day long Self Love Summer Camp, or three day Weekend Workshop.  Both are designed to help young ladies with the challenges they are currently facing.

What will your child learn?
  •  Self Love, Self Care & Self Worth Tools

  • How to honor all of their emotions

  • How to remove blocks and access their Self Worth & Empowerment

  • Body Awareness & Body Positivity

  • How to create a Sacred Space/Altar

  • What their intuition is, how to access it and allow it to guide them in their life

  • Visions Boarding & Manifestation

  • Games, learn from nature and connect to a deeper part of themselves

  • Create a ceremony together as a group with the tools they have learned and will then state their intentions to move forward into the new empowered version of themselves.

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  • LOVE IS RAD "Self Care" Goodie Bag from local, female owned, businesses 

  • Service & Emotional Support Dog at every session

  • Continued support from me, Tiana, a certified Youth Life Coach

    • 1:1 Youth Life Coaching​

    • Access to the LOVE IS RAD - Graduate Program (group support zoom sessions)

  • Life long friendships!

Added Bonuses 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ages that can attend?

Summer Camp Four days are ages 8-13 and Weekend Workshops are ages 13-19.  I am always open to younger or older given the circumstances and maturity.

2. My child can't attend, can you do a private group of her friends?

I am always open to working with private groups.  I am also open to traveling distance to a group as well.

3. Is there a scholarship program?

I am currently working on getting a scholarship program going.  If you need financial assistance, please email me and we can discuss.

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